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WOW – I had a tough week.  I am so exhausted…

Jazzy @ work2

This paperwork stuff is so boring!


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Hospital Trip

Hello everyone!  On Wednesday, Honey Bun and I went to the hospital with our handlers, Tiffany and Marcia.  I happily trotted into the first gym to see Mr. George first.  He was lifting this bar above his head while he sat in his wheelchair.  Ms. Tiffany told me it was to strengthen his muscles in his arms and hands.  I walked right up to him and he placed the bar in his lap.  He reached his left hand down beside the wheelchair and I moved in closer to him.  He placed his frail fingers on the crown of my head and began to stroke my fur.  This is my favorite part of the day.  He looked at me and Ms. Tiffany and began to ask questions.  “What kind of dog is Jazzy?”  “Golden Retriever” said Tiffany, “She is not quite four months old”.  He proceeded to say that I was probably going to be a big girl, he could tell by the size of my paws.  He looked at me and said ” I have a dog at home too and I really miss him”.  Tiffany asked him what kind of dog and he replied, “A police dog”.  Tiffany later told me this meant a German Shepherd.  I thought she said a German Sheep Herder at first! Silly me.  As Mr. George continued to pet me, I could see a little tear in his eye.  I would really like to see him again next time, but I hope he gets back home to his “Police dog”. 

We walked into the second gym and I immediately wanted to see Ms. Jane.  She was laying on the bed doing therapy work with her leg.  Tiffany later told me that Ms.Jane had a leg amputated due to complications with her diabetes and that we would probably see her again next time.  Ms. Jane was really sweet and kind.  Tiffany lifted me up onto the bed so that Ms. Jane could give me kisses….. oh, how I LOVE kisses.  Ms. Jane said that she wished she could have a dog, but she feels she is unable to care for one right now.  Tiffany explained to her that maybe we could help her get a mobility dog when she felt like she was ready.  Jane said that she would REALLY enjoy that.  When we left, Ms. Jane was smiling.  The nurse said that was the first smile out of Ms. Jane in days.  Tiffany and I were glad we could help and Tiffany gave me extra kibble for that!! I LOVE kibble too!

  The third gym was slightly empty, only two patients that day.  The nurse explained that most everybody we saw last time had already gone home.  Tiffany said that meant that the people had gotten better and had gone home to their families.  I can’t imagine having to be away from my family, I love them SO much.  We walked over to Vinnie.  I sat on each side of his wheelchair.  The nurses would tell him what side I was on and try to get him to move that hand down to my head.  He was very gentle and salty tasting!  I really liked kissing him.  The nurses later explained to us that Mr. Vinnie had a stroke and was partially paralyzed on the left side of his body.  The nurses asked Tiffany if I could sit on the edge of the bed in front of Vinnie.  She placed me on the bed and told me to sit at the edge facing Vinnie.  The nurses helped him to lean forward to touch me.  I saw a partial smile on the right side of his face and I looked at Tiffany.  By this time, her eyes had begun to water up a bit, she’s a softy.  Tiffany spoke with Vinnie as much as she could while he pet me.  “Can you see Jazzy, Vinnie?  What color is she?”  He struggled to get the little word out, “Be–ige”, Tiffany told him he was right.  I kissed him once more on the hand before Tiffany cued me “off”. 

We walked out of the gym, down the hall and into the elevator.  I really like the elevators, it seems like everyone meets there.  Why do they meet there anyway?  I’m not sure, but I do know that I get lots of love there and everyone talks to me.  We walked out the hospital and into the parking lot and Marcia poured a fresh bottle of cold water into our bowl.  I drank first, but made sure to leave plenty for Honey Bun.  Tiffany says I’m really good about sharing.  I was asleep in my crate before we pulled out of the hospital.  I had a dream about the people I met today.  I can’t imagine how lonely or sad they must feel sometimes and as much as I would like to see them next time, I do hope that they all get better and can go home soon…….

Until next time, kisses and wags from Jazzy Belle

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Hello world!

Hi Everyone! 

I thought it would be fun to have the world follow me on my quest to become a service dog for a child with autism.  My handler said I should write this blog so that you could get to know me and all of my friends and see the work we do. 

Be sure to visit often to watch me grow and see the things I have to learn as I get older.   You can also learn more about me and the program I work for at www.pawsassistancedogs.com


Jazzy Belle

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